Your Purpose In The New Paradigm

We urge all humanity to be optimistic about the future. There is a great need for tolerance and acceptance of all members of the great earth family. As people are loosing faith in the established orders and systems, alternative media and societies are on the increase.  All of us have a role to play in this turning of the tide. It is vital that we fulfil our individual purpose and destiny. 

The universe wants to convey a message to all humanity. It is high time that we awake out of sleep. The future of planet earth is at a crossroads. An ultimatum has been thrust upon us. Either we will adapt and be willing to change, be willing to move from 3D to 4D and thereby achieve ascension into a higher more enlightened state of being, or on the other hand if we stubbornly resist the change we will go down a path of oblivion and cessation. 

Humanity as a whole is coming of age. Soon we will be ready to join the greater community of diverse beings in the universe. Compassion and unconditional love for all humanity is a prerequisite for initiation into the greater community. The universe is encouraging us to stand together, grow together and become truly the family, the assembly and community that we ought to be.