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7 January 2021

The Novel Vaccine

23 Aug 2020

This video is about the  NOVEL COVID-19 VACCINE. The vaccine has little to do with eradicating a virus and has everything to do with cataloguing people by introducing a global digital I.D. Their goal  (THE GLOBAL ELITE)is to implant every person with a digital identity marker that will integrate all types of identity cards into a new digital format. From ones social security card (passports) to ones drivers license as well as banking credit cards, medical etc. will all be integrated into one global digital I.D. system. Plastic identity cards will be replaced with a nano-chip located inside the human body. 

The vaccine is being used as a delivery system to implant nano-bots, housed in hydro-gel, into the human genome. Nanotechnology will be used for genetic manipulation of DNA to achieve human augmentation. (Human 2.0). Linking the human body to Artificial Intelligence by utilising a RFID nano-chip in conjunction with the 5G substrate network. This technology will enable functionaries to input and output signals to the body thereby monitoring and manipulating bodily bio-functions such as: heart rate, blood oxygen levels, menstrual cycles, gastrointestinal substances, adrenalin activity as well as other hormonal functions. This technology will give the elite direct control of our bodies. (modern day slavery)

The vaccine will also contain Illuminating Luciferase enzymes that will be used as a dye in quantum dot micro tattoos beneath the skin surface. With a scanning device, a functionary will be able to see a unique micro dot coding mark. Proof of vaccination can be verified in subjects that have been vaccinated. In a similar way, that access to retail stores has been monitored with temperature scanners, so too special scanners will be used at shop entrances to determine -proof of vaccination- via the new quantum dot tattoo technology. Anti-vaxxers will be excommunicated from society.

This novel vaccine will alter the human genome by introducing a foreign strand of mRNA into human DNA. Transfection will be used to genetically modify our DNA. This will fundamentally change what it means to be human. Traits of Individuality, our spectrum of emotions and higher abstract thought processes will all be manipulated on a genetic level. Producing a more docile, subservient and less emotionally volatile individual. The elite need obedient controllable subjects to do their bidding. A tailor made specifically designed labour force will be achieved through genetic modification of the human genome

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October End Of Days

23 Aug 2020

This presentation is about a prediction that Jordan Maxwell made concerning a catastrophic event that will take place in  October 2020.

This dire event will affect the entire world. Like 911 was to New York so will October 2020 be to the entire world. This October event will change humanity in a fundamental way. Life after October will be very different to life before October. 

Maxwell bases his beliefs on the sidereal astrology of Nostradamus.  This tribulation period will begin in October and it will last for eighteen months. After this period the world will normalise but a new system of government will be initiated. It is at this time that the New World Order will come to fruition. A new one world monetary system will also be implemented whereby all currency will be digitised. Money will be outlawed in the new cashless society. Terrible things are about to happen on this planet and we need to prepare ourselves in heart and mind.


25 July 2020

This presentation is a synopsis of the Truthseekers meeting that took place on Saturday at Regine’s place on the 25th of July 2020.

The main points of discussion were the Khoisan grievances with the ANC and the three step programme orchestrated by the globalists to bring about a cashless society for the New World Order. 

The three step programme is namely the mandatory wearing of masks followed by step two which will be mandatory vaccinations to combat the Covid-19 virus and the proposed global digitised I.D. system that will be used for the global digitised economy that is to be implemented in the near future. 

We also discussed various other subjects such as the strong parallels between George Orwell’s movie “1984” and what is currently unfolding in today’s world. We also discussed what we mean by the “fakeness” of the pandemic. Although there is a virus called COVID-19, it is similar to the common influenza virus. There is a definite conspiracy by technocrats to exaggerate the severity of the disease as well as a conspiracy to invoke fear in people and inflate the statistics of those who have contracted the disease and those who have supposedly died of the disease.

We also spoke about what we as individuals can do to prevent the proposed forced vaccinations that is being planned. We believe that if enough of us stand in opposition to forced vaccinations  that legislation might be altered. 

On a corporate level networking needs to take place between various splinter groups who although differ ideologically, yet stand in solidarity over the issue of vaccinations. If we extrapolate the sequence of events of what is going to happen concerning this matter of mandatory vaccinations, then it seems obvious that a polarisation in society will occur. On the one side there will be those who will be quite willing to receive the long awaited vaccine and on the other side there will be those who vehemently appose any form of vaccination. 

On a personal level each one of us will have to make the choice in our hearts: to take the vaccine or to not take the vaccine.

Our next meeting will take place on Saturday the 8th of August 2020. We will have a bring and braai and  watch and discuss the George Orwell movie “1984”.


6+6+6 = 18: 1+8 = 9

The presentation is about the number nine. the magical number Nine is the number of wholeness and completion. Numbers are alive and posses power. 

We will see how the number 666 adds up to 9. Nine is not part of the matrix of illusion but stands above it, in the fourth dimension. 

Nine is the balance and orgasmic energy brought about when the male and female energies unite. 

Tesla said: “If you only knew the magnificence of Three, Six, and Nine then you would have a key to the universe”. 

Nine is the spiritual energy behind all matter. Consciousness, (numerically represented as nine) creates reality. 

The year 2019 is the end of a dispensation and 2020 is the beginning of a new dispensation.


The Solomon Seal and 666

This presentation is about the worship of Saturn. We will pay specific attention to the symbol of the hexagram as it relates to Saturn. Ancient man venerated the stars attributing them with godly powers. All religions come from an ancient stellar cult. Before man worshiped deities he worshiped the stars and planets. Man has been worshipping Saturn for thousands of years. Saturn is the Lord Of The Rings the supreme god and ruler of kings. The King of kings. The cult of Saturn has never stoped and its rites are still with us today. Saturn worship is the reason why we exchange rings at weddings and put halos on the heads of godly people.  The feast of Saturnalia observed by the ancient Romans has been replaced by the feast of Christmas in contemporary society. We will also look at the great hexagon shaped storm on Saturn and see how it is linked to the black cube of Saturn. ancient man knew the power of the Hexagram and used it to depict the ancient primary trinity of Horus, Set and Shu. Stellar theology teaches that the Christian and Celtic cross represents not only the Sun but also Saturn, the black sun. The hexagram can be found in all religions as well as in occultism. Ancient civilisations  such as the Sumerians and Armenians, adopted the hexagram into their culture. The Hexagram represent the union of masculine and famine forces and is the Talisman of Solomon. The hexagram is a geometric representation of the magical number 666. We will also look at the number nine. Nine is a heavenly number and is also associated with the Saturnian influence on Earth.


Orchestration Of Chaos

This video is about the PLANNED PANDEMIC. The Covid-19 pandemic was orchestrated to cause the collapse of the world economy. The orchestration of chaos. COVID-19 is the poison that will kill capitalism. In this presentation we look at event 201(New York) that took place in Oct 2019, two months before the real pandemic happened. Event 201 was the dress rehearsal and the planning stage for the pandemic. All the usual suspects are involved in the orchestration and spread of this virus, including Bill Gates, Fauci, Henry Kissinger, GAVI, WHO, CDC, CIA, The Rockefeller Foundation, Accenture, World Economic Forum etc. the evidence that the virus was willing unleashed into the world to cause death and destruction is clearly and categorically presented in this video. this cleverly planed and executed operation has been in the workings for more than twelve years and has now finally happened in order to bring an end to the current economical system that is paper based and replace it with a digital economical system that uses blockchain technology for a new global cryptocurrency, giving the New World Order and those running it complete financial control of the flow of money around the world. in order for the new cashless society to work every person on the planet has to be digitally identified. this will be done through the ID 2020 endeavour to not only implement mandatory vaccinations for all, but to enforce bio-metric IDs for all. this programme is the beginning stages of a new global totalitarian society where all peoples will be surveilled with microchip technology using the 5G network, the internet of things and A.I.


Life As We Know It Has Come To An End

The World government is using the COVID-19 scare to frighten the people.They want us stay indoors in order to shut down the economy. The powers that be want to artificially intervene in the natural evolution of humanity.The world has been shut down.Everybody is anticipating an end to the shutdown, and that we will return to our normal lives.That is not going to happen.Nothing will ever be the same again.Unemployment numbers have hit a world record.This depression will be greater than the Great Depression (1929-39). The Coronavirus is the poison that will kill Capitalism.The virus will cause hunger which will cause lawlessness to increase.The shutdown marks the end of cash money.The digital cashless system will become mandatory.The world is about to be reset. A global reboot with a new programme and new software Something major is going to happen in October 2020The Earth will enter into the constellation of Scorpio. The ruling planet associated with Scorpio is Mars (The god of war). A war against the natural way. Preternatural (other worldly). The transformation of humanity into a transhuman being. The complete and utter eradication of western society. Life as we know it, has come to an end. Man will now enter into the New Order of the World (2022)STAGE 1: The lie of 9/11 and the encroachment on our civil liberties. STAGE 2: COVID-19 scare and the introduction to a totalitarian lifestyle. STAGE 3: the mandatory vaccinations and micro chip implantation for humanity to be completely controlled (enslaved) by A.I. and N.W.O.